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You have a brilliant idea. Your friends nod, smile and encourage you. There is something there, it's always nagging at the back of your mind. It won't go away.

Nothing frustrates like an idea gone to waste, an opportunity missed, potential unrealised. Thats where we come in. We help you take the leap from great idea to making your mark on the world with awesome digital tech.

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some things we are working on now

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COVID is crap - we are leading a programme to spark new innovative companies that will build back better.

Power to the people! - We are increasing access to justice through a disruptive new LawTech digital platform. It even uses blockchain!

Mentoring digital MedTech and HealthTech startups to turn us into superhumans!!! - well healthier at least!

We are helping founders in the film industry explore their app idea, turning their Timothy Dalton into Sean Connery.


We work a little differently because we know you are different. We work with you to create the right environment for your success.

Fledgling idea or refining your product there is something for you here.

Know what you don't know

Know what you don't know

Here is the dirty little secret. You can do a lot of the work yourself! You don't have to pay someone you can do it, we know you can. Here is the 'but' (there had to be one!) you need help to do it well. We love giving you the power to build on your own idea so we can support you in many different ways:

  • 1-2-1 & group mentoring
  • training
  • consultancy

What should I do next?

What should I do next?

The very fact you are doing something new means you are going on a journey into the unknown. Exciting isn't it!? The adventure, the new experiences, the opportunities, the peril! Mmmm, not so sure about the peril bit. Lets do something about it:

  • product strategy
  • product roadmap
  • validation

You can't know the problem too well!

You can't know the problem too well!

Above all else, we love a problem. We love to get to know problems, give them a good prod, see what makes them tick. The more complex the better.

Nothing is as complex and gets gets us throwing off the covers in the morning like human experiences (we try not to prod the humans!). Its a fascinating world out there to explore:

  • user research
  • technical discovery
  • process and business analysis

Build a brilliant solution

Build a brilliant solution

Imagine creating a thing that made peoples lives better. Made them happier at home, more productive at work or improved their health. What an amazing feeling! Solving your problem isn't going to be easy, otherwise someone would have already. We are going to have to try out some options, learn what works and apply it. We are going to need to be selective about our technology and collaborate with the right specialists.

  • design and prototype
  • user testing
  • software development - app, web, SaaS

case studies

Doctor and patient talking and happy

From theory to saving lives

Did you know that the dose on the side of your prescription probably isn't the best for you?

We have created an easy to use platform that puts cutting edge personalised dosing research into the hands of doctors, nurses and patients - improving health and saving lives.

Woman and man sitting opposite each other talking

Sometimes it just takes a chat

Even Roger Federer needs a coach. Those expert pair of eyes looking from off court to advise and tweek those already brilliant capabilities.

This is what we did with Neumind; refine and refocus so they were making best use of their resources.

Film camera and clapper board about to be snapped shut

Take the right path

When we set off on the innovation journey we are faced with a bewildering set of paths. Picking the right one can be the difference between getting lost in the woods and a fun, fast trip to paradise.

We helped these founders step away from the wrong path and begin their journey the right way.

Family unpacking boxes in new home

Show you care with an online portal

It's hard to be loved as a housing developer. Its a long, legal, expensive and complex process to buy a house and at the end of it your new home (built on what was a field just a few months ago) is not perfect!

Providing a carefully considered, easy to use platform to manage this complex process helped this housing developer give their customers a lovely experience.


I’m starting to find this stuff quite interesting!

What have you done to me?!

Adrian Marciante


With Oxogen’s user centric philosophy and expertise, we were able to refine our vision and seamlessly integrate it into our product development flow.

We are already seeing great results and it was a pleasure working with them

Dr Ellis Parry

Founder & CEO

Profile picture of Ellis

Oxogen has been great to work with and provides both energy, project direction and creativity.

We look forward to working with Oxogen again in the future.

Jo Al-Khayat


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We think about things, do things and learn things - and then tell you about it.

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Got an idea?

Lets talk, we might become best friends, or more likely, it may be the most important call you make!