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Newsletters are sodding boring! So no trotting out the same old boring updates. I thought we would share something thought-provoking each week!

How does that sound?

The last weekend was a special one for my family as we christened our 2-year-old son. Now I am not a religious chap, but I do like the sense of community that the church creates. And I love getting together with friends and family in the sun, sipping a lovely local brew.

Now, there is no reason you should care about that. Except something piqued my interest as the vicar's sermon piped out of the rather fancy AV system.

He put forward that each person in the church reads the same scripture, but no two people read it the same way. The Church is an old institutional organisation. Yet here he was, acknowledging that differences of opinion are the norm.

"Phil! How does religious preaching relate to me and my idea, now!?"

I bet you are all thinking that! (let me know if you got the connection! full marks!)

One of the key things that stop an idea from becoming a roaring success is believing that you know it all. You have lived it, you know the truth, you completely understand the problem, and you can see the solution. Unfortunately, you lack perspectives (plural is super important here!).

If you are building for yourself, a market of one, then great, you can kind of ignore this. But, if you want to impact more lives and build a business, you need something that works for many.

This is where acknowledging that you will never hold the one truth. You need new perspectives, fresh input. Opportunities for discussion, challenge, insight.

The traditional (institutional even!) and fixed church can acknowledge their differing views. You too should avoid complacency and acknowledge you do not have all the correct answers. You need to accept there are different opinions and seek them out.

By Phil Wakefield

CEO, Oxogen

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