Chemistry | 002 | Lilly

"I think its a bit early to talk, its only an idea" - People keep saying this to me!

Here is the thing. Ideas are like plants (prepare to have a metaphor pushed to breaking!).

I have a Peace Lilly that has been on my windowsill for the last 3 years. An anniversary present for my wife (not my most inspired!). After years of taking care of it - making sure it had enough light and watering it - it is finally thriving and flowering. I now take this flower and pop it into the cupboard under the stairs, close the door and not look at it for a couple of weeks. What do you think would happen?

My Lilly will wither and die, and so too will your idea without its "water and light".

Ideas need the light of day to progress. They need to see the glare of the sun. Giving ideas the light of day creates accountability that motivates. An idea hidden will fade quickly; a sad opportunity lost to make the world that little bit better.

To continue our metaphor, the leaves of a plant starved of water will die and crisp up. Still there but brittle, crumbling to your touch. Ideas that progress without the drip-drip of feedback also become fragile. Robust ideas grow with the challenge and input of others.

Now I have stretched this plant metaphor a little far, so let's bring this back to reality. What should you do with your ideas?

I would share your thoughts with people who can support you. You need accountability. To know that someone next week will ask you, "how is that idea coming a long". Talk to friends and family. Talk to colleagues and reach out beyond your circle to get new, fresh perspectives. This will be like rocket fuel to your idea.

Next up, get advice to point your idea in the right direction. Read the right books, listen to good podcasts (see below) and best of all, talk to people (like me 😉). This will help your idea become robust and purposeful.

Your idea is never too soon to share. If anything, it's late. So tick tock, get talking and sharing.

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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