Chemistry | 003 | Momentum

There is a trend. Throughout life, it pops up again and again. A universal truth is the foundation of success: our relationships, work, and health are there.

Consistency is fundamental.

As a lycra-clad cycling obsessive, I have seen the impact that little and often has. Training hard for a bit then letting it slide does not have the same results as doing the fundamentals over weeks, months and years.

In the world of work, marketing success comes from being there day in day out. Putting out an email when you say you will (weekly on Wednesday morning), popping up on LinkedIn every day (I need to improve my consistency here) and building a long-standing connection.

The relationships that last, your oldest friends, your partner and how close you are to your family are all built on making regular effort to develop and strengthen. Not a flash in the pan moment separated by years but being there at every turn.

Building your idea into something impactful comes from being consistent too. Consistency of focus, of improvement, of vision. Each of these is vital for you to achieve success. The great ideas that, I see, go nowhere falter because of this lack of consistency. It stalls momentum. Things begin pulling in different directions, the thought never develops or improves, it stagnates, a lesser representation of what it could be.

How can you keep taking the small steps and build momentum?

It's all about chemistry,

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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