Chemistry | 004 | Compatibility

Two weeks ago, I went to my Granny's celebration of life. An event brimming with emotion. A few tears rolled down the cheek but also many many happy memories that drew out a smile.

There is one infamous story in our family and always makes me chuckle. Again recounted on the day, to the great amusement of the congregation.

My grandparents were together for over 60 years but that does not mean they didn't have an argument or two! During one heated exchange, my Grandad exclaimed, "the trouble is we are incompatible!". To which my Granny exclaimed, "I am not incompatible, you are incompatible!"

[pause for laughter to die down]

Compatibility is the name of the game for an innovative idea. It is the relationship built between people and tech. A connection that changes lives and makes the world that bit better.

When we are seeking human to human connection, we must be ourselves, and compatibility is there or not. The lasting relationships come from natural affinity. That is not how we build an innovative business, though. Our ideas are new to the world; they can be moulded and shaped to fit , maximising the impact they have on our world. Compatibility for your product then comes from understanding your users and consciously adapting.

Too often, tech leads innovative ideas. Cool, shiny, buzz words become real products. AI this, VR that...... They begin with a solution, scratched into stone. What the user wants is irrelevant. The solution is 'obvious'! However, this ignores compatibility. It is saying, "I am not incompatible you are". It really is two fingers up to users. It shows you do not care.

Compatibility comes from learning about each other. Developing a relationship that is deep and meaningful. For us, in innovation, it means exploring the problems of our future partners (users not romantic!). Learning what makes them tick and spending time trying out and refining solutions.  Learning continually to deepen the connection we have.

Think like this, and you will grow compatibility with your users and they will love you for it.

It all comes from having the right Chemistry,

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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