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It's not right. Innovation is not working as well as it should. We can be better.

Innovation has a barrier to entry. A very discerning doorman, only letting a select few pass the velvet rope. Historically it is a place for well off white people. University types with security, money and the right 'look'. I recognise I am very much in this fortunate section of society and have been a little blind to this in the past.

This is not right. Morally we should not exclude but also, as a society, we suffer because of it. Ideas are not the prerogative of the few. Anyone can have an idea that can improve our world, and by having barriers in place, we limit ourselves.

There is plenty written about why diversity is essential in innovation, and I am not here to lecture on this. Well, not today! I want to highlight that this no longer needs to be the case.

So I am waving the flag for two things that can make the innovation sector better:

Technology has moved on. The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) has been the goal of every tech startup. It was the gateway to funding but also a barrier to entry. It is a vast and almost impossible struggle unless you were some coding genius or rich as f**k. This is changing. Now there are platforms that any numpty (like me!) can build out the first version of their idea. No code and low code platforms are breaking down the barrier to innovation, and it is so exciting to see.

Product Market Fit is not the be-all and end-all. What matters is people. Products evolve, change and adapt from the first day to their last. Amazon sold only books, Netflix delivered DVDs; what makes the difference is the people at the helm. Investors are starting to realise this, and some are looking for the right people. Founder Market Fit is going to cause a significant shift in the innovation space in the coming years. It will mean investing in the right people, creating better things that make the world a better place.

I am not happy with how innovation is working now, but the right ingredients are out there. I am very excited about the future of innovation.

It all comes from having the right Chemistry,

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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