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When I began writing this I was sat in the hospital, my 2 year old son about to go under the knife for a minor operation. I couldn't be with him due to the COVID restrictions so instead I sat in Pret all set to write about fear of failure as it was front and centre of my mind. But I have just found out he doesn't need the op! So a slight change of message than I had planned...

My son's Doctor failed to diagnose him correctly. It wasted our time, it was unsettling for us and our son and wasted the time and resources of the hospital. Failure to understand the problem is not just a challenge for my son's doctors. It is also a difficulty faced by many startups ideas and a reason why so many fail.

The challenge faced is that innovation is complex where ever people are involved. Situations like diagnosing my son are complicated. They require the application of knowledge and experience. Complex situations on the other hand require trying things and learning. Yet too often complex innovation is treated by founders like a complicated situation. They apply their own personal experience and come up with a solution. What do you think the outcome is?

In the mind of the creator the solution seems so perfect. Yet when exposed to the harsh realities of the world it crumbles. The intended audience, the future customers, just do not take to it. It does not meet their expectations. This is the complexity of working in the innovation space. People are all different and what works for one does not work for all, no matter how expert we think we are.

The solution is to get our ideas into the world early and respond to feedback. Our idea left in isolation stays inert, making no impact on the world. Mix it together with outside thoughts and it comes to life.

It all comes from having the right Chemistry,

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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