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Product Market Fit being the be all and end all is coming to an end. It will always remain a vital piece of the puzzle but I see some changes that will allow us to add to the innovation conversation.

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Here are three thoughts on why things are going to change now:

Have you hear of No-code yet? Its brilliant! Things that only a year or two ago had to be done by teams of software developers can now be done in minutes by anyone. How cool is that! It will mean we are going to be putting more power in the hands of founders. No longer having to build big teams etc they can focus on understanding their problem and testing ideas quickly and cheaply.

The diversity agenda has at last meant that the world is not content with the way things are. We need an innovation industry that represents our society as a whole. How can we expect to be building a better future for us all if only a small part of our society is creating the solutions.

Product Market Fit has in part driven the 24/7, grind it out mindset that pervades our sector. Its not good for our health. At last mental health is becoming a topic for discussion and quite rightly the concern the health of entrepreneurs is a concern.

There are others. I am sure to write about them in future Chemistry emails. I don't want to bore you now though. I want you to be aware that this is a time of change in the startup industry for some very positive reasons.

It all comes from having the right Chemistry,

By Phil
CEO, Oxogen

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