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Sometimes it just takes a chat






It is not easy being an early-stage startup. No time, no money and so much to do!


Getting more time to achieve more, faster.


Strong motivation, an amazing mission but only the two founders to make it happen. They knew they needed to prove their product and gain funding in the coming months. That is a lot to achieve.

What we did

First off we took our chisels to the vision. It needed refining. Shaping into something that provided focus, a benchmark for decision making. Armed with this we were able to give the development product process a poke and prod to make it more efficient. On top of this we acted as a sounding board, an outside perspective that gave clarity to their decision making and prioritisation.

With Oxogen's user-centric philosophy and expertise, we were able to refine our vision and seamlessly integrate it into our product development flow.
We are already seeing results and it was a pleasure working with them.
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