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How to boost customer engagement and encourage timely input from thousands of individual house-buying customers, during what can be a lengthy, complex and emotional process.


Instead of feeling in the dark, buyers can now feel part of the process, checking in on the progress and personalising their new house with a new bespoke easy to use portal.


When you’re building somebody’s next home, you want them to enjoy the experience, to feel part of the process, engaged, responsive and, at the end, to love you and your company as much as they love their new home.

But when you’re building more than 15,000 homes each year, as is the case for national home builder Taylor Wimpey, this isn’t easy. Managing communications between your building sites and customers, and keeping your customers engaged and informed on the progress of their new home, was proving a challenge for the company and a disappointment for some of their customers.

Buying a new house off plan can feel like taking a blind leap of faith.

For buyers, the initial excitement of choosing their new home can fade over time. Add into the mix the huge investment, complex legal process and key decisions that need to be made with any new build, and despite the best efforts of the house builder, a perceived lack of information left some buyers feeling frustrated, abandoned or worse still, ignored.

What we did

At Oxogen, before we even think about a solution, we need to fully understand the problem. We do this by asking questions and listening, really listening to the answers. We conduct interviews and research until we fully understood both the customers’ experience and the clients.

It’s important that we understand the purchase process for both the customer and the Taylor Wimpey sales team.

From research with Taylor Wimpey, the key issues were identified as:

  1. The house buyer felt left out. They bought off-plan but didn't get to see the house again until it neared completion, which could take months.
  2. Information wasn’t accessible. The process of building a house can be complicated. To help clarify it, Taylor Wimpey had compiled a large binder of information, but it was general in content, hard to relate to and physically cumbersome.
  3. Nobody to speak to. Customers with questions didn’t know who to speak to when or how to contact them.
  4. Information was buried. While the key information on each build did exist, and was held digitally, it wasn’t available in a format customers could access.

Touchpoint by Taylor Wimpey

Now we understand the problem, it was time to start thinking and designing a solution. We proposed a new dashboard hooked into Taylor Wimpey's back office systems that would give both sides the information they need. Importantly, with both parties referring to the same information, consistency was guaranteed.

The solution needed to be easy to use, intuitive to navigate (after all who reads instructions?) visually appealing, interactive and capable of scaling.

The new personalised dashboard, Touchpoint, is intuitively easy to navigate and features instantly recognisable icons with traffic light colour coding to indicate progress.

Icons flag the important elements of your new house build, enabling customers to personalise their new home from the comfort of their armchair – important for the buyer, essential for the builder to ensure timely progress and stay on track for completion.
New homebuyers can see how their house build is coming along with regularly updated photos and videos.

Even after the buyer has moved in, the portal supports them as a resource for key information and troubleshooting guides.

Key dates and progress are immediately visible, reminding the buyer when to made decisions on their new home, from specifying bathroom suites to choosing statement lighting.

Finding who to talk to, and how, is now just a click away, effectively giving buyers a direct line.

It’s about building excitement as well as a home, by including the buyer every brick of the build.

The portal has been rolled out nationally across all of Taylor Wimpey’s numerous regional sites. It’s proving a huge success and a valued resource for both home buyers and the developer.

Having in-built capacity for future growth should ensure this home builder enjoys more rave reviews in the future, and their customers enjoy a more inclusive and exciting journey toward their next new home.

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